My First Award

An award?


For what?

My blog?

I admit, I was a little blank at first. But then, it sank in. And then, it really sank in.

My blog’s been around since February, 2008 – and initially it was about my ridiculously tumultuous college life and all the random photography and graphic design I did. It was quiet sometime before I knew I wanted to blog about food. What I love most about food blogging and food-blog surfing are the stories. Stories that lead up to the meal, or recipe, or eatery, and stories that come after all the food has been eaten.

Lan from Angry Asian Creations passed on this award to me! Ye-eah!

Lan – thanks a ton! I’m glad you like my blog…and my experiments in the kitchen and my photos! Honestly, I get excited whenever a comment from you blinks on my screen!

I wanna pass the love on to blogs and bloggers I follow without fail –

Melissa and Denise over at Twin Tables – Their stories are a delight to read and their food’s always simple and creative!

Amanda over at Konosur – I enjoy her blog ‘coz its just classy and her presentation’s always clean and super-elegant.

Alexa with Artsy-Foodie – OK, now its all artsy alright… 🙂 Her blog’s an inspiration really, her photographs make me hungry and I love the way she makes the most complicated recipe seem simple!

Its almost difficult finding time to cook and try out new recipes, but all of you make it so much more easier! Thanks for all the inspiration!