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Shreya, Foram and me

Shreya, Me and Foram

ZONASA 2007 : Synesthesia

(slumped on the swanky porch of a five-star hotel at 1:00 a.m. in the morning!)

Coming across an old photograph is such a great feeling!

It digs up so many memories, sweet and sour and hazy, but stuff we remember and will, always.

The photo above was clicked by either Azaz or Aakash, don’t remember. We were crazy tired, up from a full meal, sleepy and our legs were hardly helping. We actually slumped out on the porch of the Welcome Hotel, Baroda, leaned against the glass wall of the lobby, and grinned to glory!

What on earth are we wearing?

Those are patiala-style harem pants we got stitched according to colors needed for the college cultural performances. Its a good thing we removed the face paint before heading out for dinner.

I remember, the day had been one of the most hectic ones. A whole day of running around getting college bands lined-up together, arranging the music in order, arguing with the sound operators, giving another 1500 students the stink-eye, handing out schedules, handing out re-made schedules and getting into heated debates with fellow batchmates, miscommunication, broken shoe straps, misplaced lists and botched-up announcements! What a time we had hosting NASA 2007.

Its been nearly two years since then and still feels like yesterday. Just thinking of what we’d been through together for five years of college, makes me tingle. And oh, how we’ve changed. I’m not even trying to think where we will be in another couple of years.

Now, I don’t need my colleagues to see me crying….

Gelling Easy


It was a choice between jam and gelèe pops, watermelon and musk melon. I chose watermelon gelèe. After an excellent experience with jam (a grape one), jelly seemed easier. After all, all the work is being done by the gelatine. My version gets a little runny after about five minutes out of the refrigerator, since the amount of fruit jam used was almost miserly. But its more of a grab-spoon-scrape-tin-and-pop-in-mouth-version.

watermelon gelee


Hello everyone! What’s up?

Its been quite a busy week for me actually. And its not really over, since I work on Saturdays too.

The chocolate phirni seems to be the highlight of the week gone by.

Also, last saturday evening, a visit to a very popular eatery, Candies (in Bandra) was quite a pleasant experience…some place I intend to visit again within the next couple of weeks, hopefully. And yes, a review would follow obviously.

Work is thankfully a little slow than before, getting reasonable time to breathe between projects……can’t say that about my personal life. Its been loaded with conversations over the phone with Mum and Dad about my plans for further studies…ouch…

Also, I’ve only recently and for the first time realized that I completely suck at long-distance relationships. Not that I’ve had any before this one. I just wish the Lieutenant and i were living in the same city. We both belong to the “huggy-feely-kissy-cuddly” group of people and this is torture. Seriously. 😦

Meanwhile, I’ve developed this wierd itch to click at whatever, wherever with the oldest digital camera in the world.

My dad bought it for me about 9 years back….so trust me when I say its old. Its a Sony and no wonder its still working.

Last Tuesday, on my way to office, I clicked a little tired old lady resting by the side of the road. Very candid, if I may say so myself. And one of a BEST bus with a Tasveer 8 X 10 poster stuck on its back.

I’m not particularly a very good movie critique, but I know what I like, and Tasveer 8 X 10 sucks. Its complete bull****.

Desi boys and girls, you’d be making a grave mistake if you actually buy theatre tickets to watch this one. Trash it.

Akshaye Kumar….dunno what’s gone wrong with him. And Nagesh Kukunoor? He was one of my favorite Bollywood Directors. He still is. But, dude…what the hell went wrong with this one? Supernatural tones? Mutant hero who can get into photographs? An evil twin who returns with revenge in his heart?



The last week has also been a food fest for me personally. I’ve had people cook for me more than I have or them.

And the results have been pretty good… 🙂

Special mention goes to Neha’s banana-date-almond cake. Awesome. No other word for it. Perfectly soft and the correct amount of sweet.

She admits she’s always been a perfectionist. No experimenting and a strict follower of recipes. How unlike me.

But hey, I’m not complainig…especially after feasting on the cake the entire day and forgetting lunch altogether.

And I wonder why I find it difficult to lose weight….

Well, I’m so tired right now, I’m barely aware of what I’m typing….should get to bed and catch you all next week!

2:30 A.M. and a lot of crying…

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

How would most women react to this line? Most would be happy, taken aback, pleasantly surpirised, ecstatic?

Then confusion would set in or maybe even shock or apprehension.

I, apparently, would react by rolling to and fro on the muddy terrace floor crying my eyes out.

Romantic, eh?

But that’s exactly what happened when the Lieutenant blurted out that line last Monday, 2:30 in the morning.

I spluttered and choked over my coffee. Ended up crying and laughing at the same time.

Its been a week since then and it still hasn’t sunk in. I’m in a committed relationship with my best friend.

We spoke through most of the remaining night (or dawn?), and the realization that the feelings had been building up for quiet sometime was like a tight slap on our faces.

All of it is still a little difficult to believe and almost dream-like, probably because he’s not here physically, in front of me. Which I’m partially thankful for, since I’m pretty damn sure I would have fainted if he was.

Two and a half years of knowing each other and in a week I realize that I know absolutely nothing about him.

The Lieutenant and Me

Good Things Come in Fours!

So…I’ve been tagged! By Sadia. She has a spunky little blog over at Thanks a lot!

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again

1. Goa – it’s just plain awesome!
2. Rome – I’ve always had a soft corner for Rome and a few of its people… 😉
3. Kashmir – who woldn’t wanna go there over and over and over again?
4. Kolkata – its where home is…

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly

1.  My clients
2. Rajni Laljani – the accountant at my office…sends me cool forwards and jokes
3. My clients
4. WordPress (notifying my of posted comments updates and traffic infos)

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)

1. Mainland China….’nuff said.
2. Mocambo – the most gorgeous cheese casseroles I’ve ever had!
3. Peter cat – the jewel of Park Street. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and still find their steaks to-die-for!!!
4. Gajalee – Seafood, Seafood and then there’s more seafood!

4 Places I’d Rather be Now

1. The Office (that’s where I am right now)!! I have back to back meetings today!
2. Churchgate – I’m craving for that Jumbo glass of sugarcane juice right now!
3. Port Blair – I don’t want to elaborate on this…
4. Home – do I need to say more!

4 Favourite TV Shows

1. Friends
2. Grey’s Anatomy
3. Whose Line is it Anyway?
4. CSI

4 Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

1. Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol
2. Forest Gump – Tom Hanks
3. While You Were Sleeping – Bill Pullman, Sandra Bullock
4. Dead Poet’s Society

4 People I would like to tag

None for now (sorry Sadia!), ‘coz the people I would like to tag right now are not blog-smart yet!

Sad, I know.